Vintage craft of campaign furniture – J & R Guram

Vintage craft of campaign furniture - J & R

Thinking portable, foldable, collapsible furniture which can be stored away easily? Welcome to the world of handcrafted campaign furniture offered by the house of J & R Guram which brings to life the colonial era where “outdoors was a way of life.” In our latest post which casts the spotlight on the vintage craft of campaign furniture, while highlighting the artisanal brand which exclusively deals in this, we are pleased to tell you more about the founders of this eponymous brand, Jeet and Raj Guram, descendants of Raja Bhagmal Jat of the royal house of Bithur, who were raised in colonial cantonments all over India and are conversant with campaign furniture and field equipment since early on. As avid conservationists/ revivalists they have then gone on to painstakingly resuscitate the near extinct craft skills to produce a range of “customised furniture where each piece is a limited edition work of art.”

Campaign furniture implies a certain ingenuity of design and an elegant aspect despite the utilitarian stress on steadfastness and agility. This kind of furniture was considered key to “genteel life abroad” and was typically manufactured by the legendary houses of Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, Ross and Company of Dublin. Structured, stackable, deeply polished, and stylish in a minimalistic way, this furniture was once an essential part of every self-respecting British officer’s camp or temporary residence as it brought in a touch of civilised finery to the makeshift tents and spartan forest lodges which the officers were forced to inhabit while on the move.

Now, a whole range of crafty campaign furniture is available from J & R Guram for kitting out the outdoor areas flanking your house, even as these beautiful pieces of British campaign essentials can also add a touch of Raj-era glam to your indoors. We have listed below some of our absolute favourites from the brand’s catalogue to make it easy for you to pick one of each kind.

Vintage craft of campaign furniture - J & R Guram

This deck chair, made of seasoned rosewood, is in the style of recliners found on luxury liners in the early years of the twentieth century. The seat, backrest and the extendable footrest are caned, and the chair comes with a well-padded canvas cushion. A fine one to lounge in on the patio or balcony.

Vintage craft of campaign furniture - J & R Guram

Made from the finest Rosewood, canvas and buffalo hide, this portable, lightweight and amazingly comfy chair comes with its own carrying bag of durable canvas, perfect for carrying outdoors on a trip or even for a picnic in the lawns. When you use the chair, the straps, arms, seat, and back all act under tension to keep the whole structure in place, allowing it to adjust to uneven ground and remain perfectly stable.

Vintage craft of campaign furniture - J & R Guram

Elegant and very portable, this rosewood foldable piece has a generous 16″x14″ table top with smart palm width cutouts to form a convenient handle, and anti-skid rubber fittings on its feet. Sturdy yet lightweight you are likely to find yourself putting this to constant use both indoors and outdoors.

Vintage craft of campaign furniture - J & R Guram

A bar cabinet that fits into a nifty suitcase to take on the go sounds like the coolest idea. And you can now get yourself the real one with this hand crafted Croc leather & rosewood drinks cabinet with a lift out tray which doubles as a flap to hold in place 6 glasses.

vintage craft of campaign furniture - J AND R GURAM

This redefines the bed as its rosewood frame can be used flat or raised at both ends to make a very comfortable day bed. The frame hinges in the centre and the legs unscrew so that it would fold away to take minimum space. The bed comes with a well padded canvas mattress to make sure you sleep like a baby.

All the pictures used of their products have been provided by J and R Guram. You can see more of their luxury glam-ping products on our Instagram or follow us on Facebook page.


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