Chandeliers : The centrepiece of the house

Diwali being around the corner, every one of us gets busy in order to make our homes a notch more festive. Its all about lights, new clothes, wall painting or getting that new piece of furniture. As if Godess Laxmi is the rockstar that everyone wants to invite over into their house and so they pep it all up to their best of the abilities. But then of course there is a budget to it all and mostly, its not that easy to fit in all for everyone in that. Since Diwali is all about making it grand, some help planning it would surely be great, isn’t it? So don’t you miss any of our posts this month, as we will help you with those little changes that go long way in making your house look as festive as you.

My first post in this series is about chandeliers, the centrepiece of the house. With time it has come out of the royal palaces and posh hotel lobbies to our homes. What started mostly as candles on wood or metal fixture hung from the ceiling now is not so modest anymore. In fact, who said chandeliers are suppose to be modest anyway. In this post we take you through the different choices available in the Indian market today. From the very elaborate and flamboyant to the more contemporary, neo classical to the high end made to order – take your pick as there’s is choices galore. But a chandelier is not just a beautiful light emitting 12 bulb fixture as it has a lot to do with your interiors. For a house that is rich of traditional pieces and drama of the erstwhile era, a chandelier from the likes of F. & C. Osler or a Baccarat crystal beauty would look perfect. With time its getting more expensive to get one however, if you do have time do try your luck at Russel Exchange located on the Russel Street in Kolkata or the Chandelier & Furniture house, located on the Mutton Street, Mandvi, Chor Bazaar in Mumbai.



Pic courtesy: F. & C. Osler


Pic courtesy: Baccarat

For a house that’s more contemporary and where its inhabitants prefer a more linear sort of design, it might not always be about a chandelier per se, as with time people have started using pendant lights as well, a trend that fits well in with urban cityscapes. Decon lighting is one of the companies that proudly presents its products all manufactured and assembled in India. For a more elaborate pendant light try this FLOS pendant light available in different bulb and metal options with Poltrona Frau, now available in India.

chandeliers-the-centrepiece-of-the-house-flos-dextra-inPic courtesy: FLOS


Pic courtesy: DECON LIGHTING

Looking for something more neo classical, then look no further than the new range of chandeliers from FRAMON Italy available with Florence lighting, and you can see the collection at their flagship boutique in Okhla Industrial Area in Delhi or try Anckur lights in Connaught Place, Delhi. Although it’s available with crystals as well, but if thats not your thing then let on the metal bling.

chandeliers-the-centrepiece-of-the-house-neoclassical-possini-euro-phileas-dextra-inPic courtesy: Lamplus


Pic courtesy: FRAMON ITALY

Still looking for something different that might actually make your neighbours envy it, then walk into the world of tailored lighting as companies like Klove studio in Delhi or Crystal Care run by Taheri Indorewala of Bombay Velvet fame, in Mumbai, can give you all you that and more.


Pic courtesy: KLOVE STUDIO


Pic courtesy: Toto Nandy

In the end we hope that one of these options would help you get the right chandelier in your budget and style. For more options and interesting trivia about home interiors, do follow us on our Facebook page or get us on Instagram.

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